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Lori Napoli


Lori Napoli is an avid dog enthusiast; her love for engaging dogs is reflected in numerous achievements she and her dogs have earned. Lori and Kramer have earned agility championships in TDAA, CPE and AKC and in her first year competing, Lori went to AKC Invitationals with her Lakie, Phoebe, and was Top Lakeland Terrier!

Lori’s passion is agility, not missing an opportunity to grow her skills attending seminars and putting them to the test in trials. Her skill of guiding her dogs through challenging agility courses/trials has come from training with Katelyn Scott, Donna Brown, Judy Kolva, Claudia Bates, Susan Salo and Cynthia Hornor. She has also trained with OMD coaches Jessica Ajoux, Soshana Dos, Elina Janesniemi, Tuulia Liuhto, Timo Liuhto, Minna Kirveskoski and Saija Mustonen.

She works with teams to improve their understanding of the dogs line and the timing of their cues to help them become the best possible “GPS” for their dog.