The Bella Vista Times: 2023 Edition

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We are Penn State but mostly, we are BELLA VISTA!   Many thanks to everyone who helped make 2023 another successful year for Bella Vista.   As always, we need to thank our employees, students, event participants, friends and family for all their help and support in 2023.

This was the 23nd year for Terry Rowe to come to Bella Vista to do our holiday photo.  Every year seems to fly by faster and faster and this year we added another Westie to our pack.  Zoe is 14 years old and when her owner passed away, the family asked us to find a new forever homes for her and her younger Westie sister, Lexi.   Lexi went to live with another Westie in the York area and Steph gets to groom her.  Zoe fit in so well with our pack that she is now a permanent member.    This year’s gang of ten:  Murray & Jack on the floor, Ethel, Ida, Olivia & Midge in the wagon, Zoe on Steph’s lap, Leona & Lucille on the bench and Can-ya?! with Rob.

“The 2023 Bella Vista Gang”
Steph, Rob, Can-ya!?, Blackjack, Murray, Olivia, Ethel, Lucille, Midge, Zoey,Ida, and Leona.

Bella Vista Updates:  

Events and Trial Secretary Services

BVTC continues to offer a wide variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and events.  The 2023 Rally Marathon in February-3 days, 6 trials and an April Rat-A-Thon were so much fun that we will be doing them both again in 2024. New for 2024 is the addition of 4 AKC obedience trials.  As always, Bella Vista will be busy, busy, busy!!

The Adventures of Steph and Rob

In 2023, Steph and Rob again sailed with the Ultimate Disco Cruise and won 3rd prize in the Disco Dance Competition.  The Disco Cruise will not be held in 2024 but has been booked for 2025.  This should give Steph and Rob lots of time to learn a few more dance moves to be ready for the competition.   November included a trip to Las Vegas to see Rod Stewart in concert.

The Mt. Gretna cottages continue to be rented to dog show people and others all year long.  Steph has fun decorating them for all the holidays.  Please let her know if you are interested in a Mt. Gretna stay.

The Dog Report

Can-Ya!?: This year Can-Ya?! continues to be a crowd favorite in Barn Hunt.  She occasionally makes an appearance in the agility ring as she pecks away at the Standard Q’s that she needs for her Grand Championship.  She also enjoy FAST CAT and earned her FCAT Title

Black Jack: Jack is the first Bella Vista Dog to earn the REMX Title!   He also got to travel to Florida in December where he competed in the Junior Agility Championship with Colbie Foster Chapman.  Together Jack and Colbie had a fourth-place finish.   Jack also earned the FCAT Title and was the 12th fastest border collie competing in FAST CAT.

Murray: Murry has begun agility training and earned his Master Title in Barn Hunt with Rob.  He went into the Rally Ring with Steph and earned both his Novice and Intermediate Titles.  He is quite crazy for Fast CAT and once he settles down, he might be able to beat Jack’s speed.  Murray earned his BCAT and was the 56th fastest border collie in this sport.

Ethel: Ethel continues to be the crowd favorite in agility.  She has also decided that FAST CAT is a fun sport and her speed improves each run.

Olivia: Olivia continues to compete in Barn Hunt, Fast CAT and agility trials.   In September, she had her last litter of 2 boys.   She is now ready to focus on agility and of course will do some serious ball playing in 2024.   

Lucille: For the 3rd year in a row, Lucille  qualified for the AKC Agility Invitationals, and for the 2nd  year she also got invited to the AKC Fast CAT Invitationals. She successfully defended her title as the fastest Cesky at Fast CAT and earned 2 clean runs at the Agility Invitationals to make her the best agility Cesky.  As always, she was the crowd favorite for doing extra tunnels! Lucille has earned multiple titles in the exterior, interior, buried & container elements of scent work, is in the Master level in Rally and earned the Master Title in Barn Hunt. Lucille is also dangerously close to earning her first MACH in agility.

Midge: Besides being a prefect puppy mom, Midge excelled in scent work!  She also liked FAST CAT & agility and is being trained for the higher levels of Rally.  When not doing dog sports, she is a wonderful cuddler and a very polite bed sleeper!

Ida: Ida is our youngest Westie and loves FAST CAT! She is learning all about Barn Hunt but still prefers to visit the ring crew over hunting for the rats.

Leona: Leona has had a busy year.  At the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association’s National Breed Specialty, she earned her first point in breed with her co-owner, Dawn Martin. In Florida, she was Reserve Winners Bitch at the Cesky Specialty. She has earned several titles in scent work and is competing at the Master Level in both Rally and Barn Hunt.   Look for her in the Breed Ring in 2024.

The Puppy Report

2023 was another year of Westie Puppies! In January, Edie (and Peter) had 5 puppies-3 girls and 2 boys.  Edie is now retired from the breeding program and is busy doing all sorts of dog sports with her owner, Lynn. In June, Midge (and Hank) had 4 boys and a girl.  A week later in July, Peach (and Quint) had 3 girls and a boy. In September, Olivia (and Hank) had her final litter of 2 boys.  Roxy has been bred and is due in late January 2024.  Life is merrier with a terrier, so our lives are extra merry!

Please go to The Bella Vista Facebook page to view photos and videos of the puppies.

Wishing you and your canine companions a Very merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Please Join us at BVTC in 2024 for more dog fun!

Steph, Rob, Can-Ya?!, Blackjack, Murray, Olivia, Midge, Ethel, Ida, Zoe, Lucille & Leona

“The 2023 Bella Vista Gang”

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