The Bella Vista Times: 2021 Edition

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As 2021 comes to an end, we want to take time to reflect on the year and send out special thanks to all our instructors, students and exhibitors for their continued support.

This was the 21st year for Terry Rowe to work her magic and create our holiday photo. This year we decided to do a more traditional photo which was a good excuse for Steph to buy more Christmas decorations! Yes, we actually own these decorations, and they will be displayed in the Arena to allow others to use them for photos with their dogs. In this year’s photo, Rob is holding Sparky, Steph has Ida in her arms and Oliva, Ethel, Lucy & Midge are all posed nicely on the bench. Can-Ya?! and Jack are in the front row being very good border collies.

“The 2021 Bella Vista Gang”
Steph, Rob, Can-ya!?, Blackjack, Olivia, Ethel, Lucille, Midge, Ida, and Sparky

Events and Trial Secretary Services

BVTC continues to offer a wide variety of classes seminars, workshops, and events. In 2022, we hope to expand our daytime classes. Plans for 2022 include our usual AKC & CPE Agility Trials, CDSP Obedience Trials, WCRL and AKC Rally Obedience Trials & Barn Hunt Trials. We will be adding an AKC Obedience Trial and 4 additional AKC Rally Trials in February 2022 and 2 more weekends of AKC agility. This was the first year that we hosted AKC Scent Work Trials and look to adding more of these events in 2022. Licensed trial secretary services are available for all types of events. Also coming next year will be a variety of workshops, practice sessions, and agility seminars.

The Adventures of Steph and Rob

Travel this year was again limited due to COVID19, so except for an outdoor judging assignment in Arizona, we basically stayed local. In January, we did purchase a cottage in Mt. Gretna, PA. This has been Steph’s project and she has been busy painting and updating the interior. Rob is busy in his workshop making furniture for the cottage. Exterior updates are scheduled for next year. We will be renting out the cottage so please contact us if you are interested in enjoying a few days in historic Mt. Gretna.

For Rob, 2021 was the year of hospitalizations and 2 back surgeries. He is now in physical therapy and starting to return to normal activities. He has started doing limited dog sports again and is looking forward to a much better 2022.

The Dog Report

Can-Ya!?: Can-Ya!? continued to play agility with a variety of handlers (Trish, Jan, Steph & Carolyn) due to Rob’s back issues. In February, she earned the C-ATCH Title from CPE and earned multiple high level titles in AKC agility events including MACH2. She also got to participate in FAST CAT and as always, she excelled in the Barn Hunt Ring.


As you can see from the photo, Jack has finished his rehab and is back at agility. Rob is currently in the process of retraining Jack’s contact behavior so right now he is only entered in Jumpers With Weaves & Premier Jumper Classes. Jack continues to do barn hunt with a style all his own- basically jumping on the tubes, so there is no doubt when he has found a rat! In October, Jack got to do his favorite sport-FAST CAT! This is basically a 100 yard dash for dogs and Jack ran the course in over 29 miles per hour!

Ethel: Ethel had her last litter of puppies in May and is now focusing on agility, rally, and barn hunt. She is quite a character and is always a crowd favorite since you never know what she will do next.


Olivia’s ring time was limited this year due to her reproductive activities. She was a great mom (so good that we are going to let her do it again in 2022) and an even better ball player! Olivia has a great nose so we have started doing nose work and in very limited trialing Olivia has earned the Novice Container and the Novice Buried Titles. What fun! Olivia also earned the Novice FAST title in agility, the AKC Rally Advanced Title, WCRL Rally 1 & 2 Titles, the Master Title in Barn Hunt and also ran in a few FAST CAT trials.

Lucy: Lucille has really stepped up her agility game and is competing at the Master Level in all classes. She qualified for the AKC Agility Invitationals and will be attending these trials in mid-December in sunny Florida! It will be interesting to see how she does away from home. Lucille also earned her AKC Rally Excellent Title and got to try FAST CAT this year.

Midge: Midge was the proud mama of 5 healthy pups and also got to compete in several dog sports. She earned the Junior Earthdog Title, ACT1 Agility Title, the Intro, Level 1, & Level 2 WCRL Rally Titles-all with Awards of Excellence and passed the AKC ATT. Look for her in the agility, barn hunt and rally rings in 2022. As you can see from the photo, Midge loves the snow!

Ida: Ida is the newest addition to the Bella Vista Gang. Born in July 2021, she has already shown us that she is all terrier and has earned the RATI title from Barn Hunt. Here she is doing her least favorite activity: getting groomed.

Rainbow Bridge

It is with a sad and heavy hearts, that we report that Logan left us this year and went over the rainbow bridge. Logan was Steph’s agility partner and was the funniest dog to ever live at Bella Vista. He is missed every single day. Many thanks to everyone who donated $ to canine cancer research in his memory. Due the generosity of the dog community through cash donations and ribbon donations, Bella Vista was able to donate over $4600 to canine cancer research.

The Puppy Report

Although we waited until late in the year to bring more Westies into the world, 2021 was “The Year of the Westie Puppy” at Bella Vista. We had 5 litters and were lucky enough to raise 25 puppies. Sparky who is in this year’s photo was the last to leave for his forever home. We will be breeding some of our girls (besides the 3 that live with us, we own 5 that live in local homes who we have maintained breeding rights). If you have asked to be on the waiting list, we will be emailing everyone in late winter with an update.

Please go to The Bella Vista Facebook page to view photos and videos of the puppies.

Wishing you and your canine companions a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please join us at BVTC in 2022 for more dog fun!

Steph, Rob, Can-Ya!?, Blackjack, Olivia, Ethel, Lucille, and Ida
“The 2021 Bella Vista Gang”

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