Bella Vista was established in 1984 with the breeding our first litter of West Highland White Terriers.
As of January 1, 2016 these limited breedings have produced Westies that have earned:



Updated:  January 10, 2016

More About Bella Vista Westies

Although we own a boarding kennel, our Westies and all of our other dogs live in our house — sitting on the sofa, taking turns sleeping in bed and patrolling the yard for vermin.  Bella Vista Westies have a strong natural hunting instinct.  They excel at both barn hunt and earth dog and need fencing or a leash to keep them out of trouble; since if it is a choice between chasing a squirrel or rabbit or listening to a human, the squirrel/rabbit option will win out every time!

We begin crate training the puppies at age 6 weeks.  The first stage is to have the puppies sleep in the crate with one or more of their litter mates.  Eventually, the puppies are separated and place in their individual crates.  In the beginning of this process, the puppies are all crated in the same room.  By the time the puppies are ready to leave our home and move into their new families, the puppies are use to sleeping alone in their crates.  Our dogs see their crates as their special space.  We strongly encourage the use of a crate for house training and travel.   

At age 7 weeks, the puppies are temperament tested.  The testing is done by an individual that has not had any contact with the puppies prior to the evaluation to remove any possible bias.  The puppies are tested for noise sensitivity, social attraction, touch sensitivity and social dominance.  This evaluation helps us to place each puppy into an appropriate home.  

At age 8½ to 9 weeks, our puppies receive their first health screening by a licensed veternarian.  This includes testing for parasites and the administration of the first vaccine.  The protocol we follow for vaccinations has been developed by the Dr. Jean Dodd and accepted at 27 schools of veterinary medicine.  We share this detailed information with all individuals who purchase a puppy.  It is our goal to keep our puppies healthy and to avoid any possible auto-immune disorders related to the over administration of vaccines.  Once the puppies have had their first vaccine at age 8½ to 9 weeks, they are taken to dog training classes, dog shows and other public locations.  We make sure the puppies are handled by as many people as possible and are exposed to many different indoor and outdoor environments.  

While we are always excited to place a puppy into a show or a performance home, we understand that not everyone is interested in dog sports—although we are not sure why!  If you think you might be interested in learning more about any dog sport, please let us know.  If you live in the area, we would be happy to mentor you and your Westie.  If you live outside of our area, we can help connect you to other Westie owners.  

Bella Vista West Highland White Terriers History