At Bella Vista, we are very serious about the breeding and the raising of our

West Highland White Terrier puppies.  Each time a litter is planned, thought

and consideration are given to how the puppies will better the breed.

While we strive for correct conformation, all of our Westies must be companions first.

This means that they must have the temperament that allows them to go everywhere

and to do everything. Health concerns are also an important consideration since a dog

must be healthly to have an active lifestyle, which is a must for our dogs.

Each time we breed a litter, we are looking to keep a puppy.  The puppy may live in our home or may be placed with a caretaker to be used in our breeding program.

Bella Vista Westies are born in our bedroom and raised in our home.  Puppies are socialized to multiple breeds of dogs and to a wide variety of people.  Currently, we own two border collies, a Cesky Terrier and a Sealyham Terrier, in addtion to the Westies.  Over the years our Westie shared their home with a variety of breeds including a Scottish Terrier, a Portuguese Water Dog, a Yorkshire Terrier and two Shelties.

Our dogs compete in a wide variety of dog sports, including agility, obedience, rally obedience, tracking, earthdog, barn hunt, tricks, lure coursing, and conformation.

By purchasing a Bella Vista Westie, you have access to our help and assistance with any issue or concern that arises during the life of your Westie.  We strongly encourage you to call or email us with any question you have about training, health, behavior, nutrition or any other issue related to the care of your Westie!

Bella Vista’s Rainbow Bridge…

Remembering our Beloved Westies!

Rainbow Bridge Westies-Updated 1-10-16.pdf