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(Updated on Saturday, October 7, 2017)

Agility Workshops & Events

Saturday Agility Training Sessions

  • October 28th & November 25th 2017
  • 9 AM - 11 AM
  • Standard agility course will be set
  • Teams may run entire course or work on portions
  • $25 per dog (early registration), $30 (late registration)
  • Open to all levels of dogs that know all equipment
  • See flier for more details
  • Saturday Agility Training Sessions

Fall Evening Agility Run-Thrus

  • October 29th 2017
  • Building opens at 5 PM each night
  • 30 dogs per night, 90 seconds per run
  • Nested AKC Standard course (Novice/Open/Masters)
  • Judging offered on request, timing offered
  • $25 per dog each night
  • See registration flier for more details and requirements
  • Fall Evenings Agility RunThrus

Agility Training Sessions with Judy Kolva

Agility Workshops w/ Claudia Bates

  • October 18th & 19th 2017
  • Limited working spots... act fast!
  • Claudia is handling sign-up & payment herself; contact Claudia Bates directly with inquiries and to enroll
  • Please refer to information form for details
  • Claudia Bates Information Flier


  • Bella Vista Training Center:  October 24th 2017, 6 PM
  • Entries open:  Immediately; no closing date; day of event entries welcome if there is room
  • ACT 1 and ACT 2 tests offered; two rounds for each level are available
  • See informational both informational flier and premium/entry for more details
  • Agility Course Test Info - 10/24/17
  • Premium - ACT - 10/24/17

Agility Workshops with Bridget Thomas

  • October 20th, November 10th, and
    December 8th 2017
  • Offered directly by Bridget Thomas; contact her directly for more information and to sign up
  • Limited private lessons also available
  • Young dog handling, Novice/Open, and Masters levels
  • (BVTC is hosting these workshops but is not handling registration)
  • See flier for more information
  • Bridget Thomas Agility Workshops

Agility Seminars w/ Donna Brown

  • December 9th 2017
  • Snow date December 10th 2017
  • Only 8 working spots per session... act fast!
  • AM session:  Excellent/Masters teams
  • PM session:  Novice/Open teams
  • Auditors welcome
  • Limited private instruction sessions also available
  • Please refer to information form for details
  • Donna Brown Seminars 12/17

Agility Workshops w/ Paula Goss
"Getting Out and Getting It Right in 2018"

  • February 3rd & 4th 2018
  • $90 working, $30 audit
  • Limited working spots... act fast!
  • February 3rd: Obstacle discrimation; focus on tunnels
  • February 4th: Distance skills for FAST/Chances/Jackpot
  • AM both days: Pre-Novice/Novice
  • PM both days: Open/Excellent/Masters
  • Paula Goss Agility Workshops 02/18

Agility Footwork Seminar w/ Susan Salo
   "Footwork Grids & Footwork to

  • February 17th - 18th OR 20th-21st 2018 (two sessions)
  • $375 working, $125 audit
  • Seminar focuses on the dog, regardless of specific handling technique
  • Improve how dog transfers weight, obtain cleaner jumping skills, and stride through contacts and weaves smoothly
  • Open to all levels as long as dog can work on dog walk, A-frame, and weave poles independently
  • See flier for more details
  • Susan Salo Footwork Seminar 02/18

Obedience/Rally Workshops & Events

What's New In WCRL Rally? Informational Workshop with Joan Klingler, WCRL Judge

  • October 29th 2017, 9 AM - Noon
  • Information session followed by opportunity for participants to try out new signs on a mini-course set-up
  • $40 per handler/dog participant (limit 12 participants)
  • $20 per auditor (no dog)
  • See registration flier for more details
  • What's New in WCRL Rally Flier

Barn Hunt Workshops & Events

Scent Work Workshops & Events

Introduction to Scent Work Seminar with
Joan Klingler and John Salvadia

  • December 9th 2017, 9 AM - 1 PM
  • Both Joan & John are AKC and C-WAGS certified judges
  • All four major venues will be explained
  • Great information for both teams new to scent work and experienced teams desiring more information
  • $40 working spot, $10 audit
  • Limit 20 working spots, unlimited auditors
  • For more information contact event coordinator,
    Leslie Hoy; see details in the flier
  • Intro to Scent Work Seminar - 12/09/17

Conformation Workshops & Events

Other BVTC Dog-Fun Events

Pet Photo Day at BVTC with Terry Rowe

  • October 28th 2017
  • 10 AM - 5 PM (ish)
  • 17th year for Terry Rowe at Bella Vista - WOW!
  • Seasonal images or classic portraits
  • Several photo packages offered
  • Pre-registration REQUIRED!  Act fast... slots go fast!
  • Session fee $65.00 (see flier for details and additional package opportunities)
  • Pet Photo Day with Terry Rowe - Info Flier

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