Intermediate Trick Dog Class

The Intermediate Trick Dog Class is designed to follow the Beginning Trick Dog Class at Bella Vista Training Center. Once again, the primary goal of this class is to have FUN with your dog while building your communication skills and improving your relationship together as a team.

Starting with a review of some basic or beginner tricks and obedience exercises, we will build upon that groundwork to introduce more difficult tricks. Many of the tricks taught in this class may also be used in Obedience, Agility and other activities. Some of the tricks taught in this class include Hold an Object in Mouth, Carry My Purse/Wallet, Ladder Work (on ground), Leg Weaves/Figure 8s.

Only positive reinforcement training techniques will be used. These include training treats and/or toys along with verbal and physical praise for your dog.

A successful demonstration of Intermediate Tricks may qualify the team for an Intermediate Trick Dog Title with the AKC and/or an Intermediate Trick Dog Certificate through “Do More With Your Dog.”

Completion of the Beginning Trick Dog Class is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for this class.