Level 3: CGC Etiquette

To participate in this class, your dog must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic commands taught in the Level 1 or Level 2 classes or on approval from BVTC.

The Canine Good Citizen certification has become a requirement for some homeowners by their insurance companies and for some renters by their landlords. Even if that is not an issue for you, this class can help you to cultivate positive behaviors in your dog that makes him/her accepted and respected by others.

Among other things, you will learn how to help your dog enter a class or other similar situation in an orderly manner, how to calmly wait his turn in the presence of other dogs, and how to walk with you in public in a way that will make you and your dog positive role models for others!

All basic exercises will be reviewed, and distraction training will be added to ensure a reliable performance in different environments.

All exercises tested in the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program will be taught. This includes meeting other dogs and people, supervised separation, walking through a crowd on a leash, and being touched by a stranger.

BVTC offers CGC evaluations several times a year. BVTC students receive a discount on AKC CGC testing fees. (Check the Events page on the BVTC website for currently scheduled CGC testing dates.)