Level 1A: Agilience

Age requirement: None - No dog is too old or too young to participate.

Class Content: This session will focus on building teamwork (dog wanting to play with handler vs. self-reward), flatwork, targeting, recalls and stationary exercises that are necessary for success in agility. Distractions will be added to all exercises as the teams’ skills progress.

Equipment: Pause table and low level jumps will be used in class for proofing stay behavior.

Class Location: Annex

Additional Information: This class is for dogs new to agility and is also strongly suggested for dogs that are having start line and table stay issues.

Advancement Requirements: By the end of this session, students will need to demonstrate:

45 second sit/down stay
• 20 foot lead out from table
• 15 foot lead out in a straight line with dog sitting behind a jump
• Send around a cone in both directions from 10 feet
• Send 20 feet to a target
• Recall to heel, side and front from 20 feet