Warren Risk – Obedience Instructor

Life is just better with a dog!

At the age of 4 I was playing outside with the kids in the neighborhood when one of the older kids announced to us that "the dog catcher is coming", "the dog catcher is coming". Being the youngest of the group I fell for the ruse hook-line-sinker. I immediately panicked and started rushing around trying to hide our neighborhood canines behind the shrubs. Of course they did not fit behind the bushes and the dog catcher never came but that began my lifelong love of our 4 legged furry friends.

Over the years I have been owned by several mixed breeds, Manchester terriers, and Weimaraners largely as household pets. For the past 15 years I have settled on my breed of choice - The Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Currently 2 of them reside with us in our lives and our hearts. Together we enjoy learning, working, and competing in the following dog sports: Hunt Tests, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving. We have dabbled in the show ring with perhaps more to come.

Giving back is important to us so we also volunteer time doing therapy visits at Golden Visions in Hanover via Therapy Pets Unlimited.

In addition to memberships in the American Chesapeake Club(ACC), York County Dog Training Club(YCDTC), and Dock Dogs(DD), Warren is active with the Keystone Retriever Club(KRC), and Northern Piedmont Retriever Club(NPRC).

The dogs and I have taken classes at Best Dog Training and Bella Vista Training Center (BVTC) regularly over the past several years. Occasionally Warren assists with Basic Obedience and Canine Good Citizen classes at Bella Vista Training Center.

Put simply, my philosophy is that basic obedience is essential for success and enjoyment in whatever activities an owner and their dog choose to participate whether it is one of the many dog sports, show ring, therapy, companion, or simply couch potato. Owners need to establish the "alpha" position with their canine friends through consistency, patience, positive training and discipline. Done correctly the rewards for an owner are boundless!

Train the dog you have, and not the dog you wish you had. Mostly I enjoy the bonding, trust and companionship that develops between my dogs and I no matter what we do together!