Lori Napoli – Agility Instructor

Lori Napoli is an avid dog enthusiast; her love for engaging dogs is reflected in numerous achievements she and her dogs have earned. Lori has taken her little redhead, Kramer, a mini goldendoodle, through obedience, tricks, pet therapy and agility classes. He even has an agility prayer that he is known to show off at trials! Kramer has earned his agility championship titles in both TDAA and CPE and is working towards his championship title in AKC. Lori is starting again with a new Lakeland Terrier, Phoebe, who has earned her championship as a Trick Dog as well as multiple championships in Barn Hunt. She has just begun her agility journey with Phoebe who will race Kramer for their AKC championships!


Lori’s passion is agility, not missing an opportunity to grow her skills attending seminars and putting them to the test in trials. Her skill of guiding her dogs through challenging agility courses/trials has come from training with Rob Kripaitis, Steph Capkovic, Donna Brown, Judy Kolva, Claudia Bates, Paula Goss, Deb Goodhart, Bonnie Opal and Chris Eicher. She has also trained with OMD coaches Jessica Ajoux, Soshana Dos, Elina Janesniemi, Timo Liuhto, Minna Kirveskoski and Saija Mustonen and participated in Susan Salo’s Jumping workshop. Lori is a member of the York Dog Training Club, Dauphin Dog Training Club and the US Lakeland Terrier Club.