Stuart Kendig - Agility Instructor

I started training and competing in obedience with Shetland Sheepdogs 20+ years ago. My first instructors were old school trainers who did not use dog treats. The training world changed dramatically in the 90's when the results of positive motivation became apparent to anyone competing in dog performance sports. In 2000 I saw my first agility trial and what a change agility is from the discipline required for obedience. I was hooked.

Belle was my first agility dog and completed her MX, MXP, AXP, and MJP. Bonnie, also a Shetland Sheepdog, was going to be my wife's agility dog but Bonnie was too fast so I took over her training. Bonnie competed in the AKC National Championship in 2009 and then spent the next 9 months recovering from elbow surgery. Bonnie has fully recovered and she completed her MACH in 2011.

Pharaoh is a large Collie I found while volunteering at the York County SPCA. At age 5 he had been surrendered 3 times already. He only weighed 49 pounds with obvious symptoms of starvation. Within weeks I had Pharaoh enrolled in Stephanie's agility classes at Bella Vista and within 13 weeks Pharaoh entered his first AKC agility trial.

Pharaoh and I have since found a new interest in sheep herding. He is a great working dog and is totally focused on sheep. In March 2012 Pharaoh had a 2nd place at the National Collie Herding trial.
Please see me if you have time and desire to help the dogs at the York County SPCA, we always need volunteers to help exercise the 100 dogs in our shelter. Please email me directly at: to volunteer.