Stephanie Capkovic and Rob Kripaitis operate Bella Vista Training and Care Center.  Bella Vista was founded to...

The instructors here at Bella Vista have over 200 combined years of experience working with and training dogs and their owners!

Our instructors all teach using tested, positive training techniques that are fun for both the dog and the owner!

They are all active in various dog sport activities, dog breeding, and grooming care.

They have achieved many titles and awards, and have the expertise necessary to provide excellent instruction for you and your dog!

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Come and join the FUN at
Bella Vista Training and Care Center!

Bella Vista Training and Care Center operates out of our location in northern York County.  At our Lewisberry, PA location, we conduct all of our dog training classes and various trials, competitions, and public events.  This is also where our grooming and boarding facility is located.

We have a fully-enclosed arena with “Game Day Grass by AstroTurf,” and a fully cushion-matted “Annex” room, for classes, trials, events and crating!

Our facilities are FULLY CLIMATE-CONTROLLED for year-round comfort!

Come and see for yourself... BVTC is a GREAT place to learn, train and compete!

Read our BVTC 2018 annual newsletter…  “The Bella Vista Times!”

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Newest Updates from BVTC!

(Updated on August 20, 2019)

  • Updates to Obedience and Agility class schedules posted
  • Barn Hunt Trials - updated schedule
  • Rally Training Sessions - updated schedule
  • Barn Hunt Trials - September and November 2019
  • ALAC rally trial - December 2019
  • Barn Hunt Training Sessions - September 2019
  • Agility seminars with Manca Mikec - November 2019
  • UKI agility trial - September 2019
  • HSSC agility trial - December 2019 (proceeds benefit HSSC Sheltie Rescue!)
  • Agility Course Test (ACT) premium posted for November 2019
  • Lots more available on our Trials and Events pages!  Check ‘em all out!

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